Confidence Building for Teens.

The That’s What Teens Say program was developed to empower young girls to learn more about themselves and their passions and to explore how their unique voice can make a positive impact on the world.

What is That's What Teens Say?

That’s What Teens Say is a 3-Day intensive program designed to empower teen girls and young women to use their unique voice to positively impact the world. They participate in confidence-building exercises, creative writing activities, and public speaking coaching to find their story, own their story, and share their story.

Totally Immersive Program

This empowerment workshop challenges girls to spend 3 days (cellphone-free!) with the guidance of adult mentors, getting out of their comfort zone and doing activities designed to build confidence and explore compassion, connection, and self-expression.

Find Your Story,
Own Your Story,
Share Your Story.

That’s What Teens Say

 will provide girls and young women an opportunity to learn about themselves, their passions, and their communication styles. They will develop, write and perform a personal story in front of a live audience.

Ready to Join?

Nominations and applications for young women ages 13 through 18 are available in limited areas. Explore our programs and find one near you.

Bring That's What Teens Say to Your Community

This curriculum is now available for organizations looking for impactful teen programming. Get all the details on how your organization can bring That’s What Teens Say to your community by contacting

Discover That's What Teens Say

Watch Performances from Previous Teen Participants

Looking to find more examples of That's What Teens Say performances? Head on over to our YouTube using the button below to catch all of the latest performances and see just for yourself what makes That's What Teens Say an experience like no other!

What Teens Have Said

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